Customer Feedback

Customer feedback



 Dawid Skipirzepa From Poland


Mr.Dawid Skipirzepa come from Poland. He purchased a laser welder of 200W and 50W laser marking machine. since 2019


Dawid Skipirzepa From Poland



Aret From Canada


Aret come from Canada, he purchased laser welder since 2019. The following chat history Aret and our company's Eddie




Reinier Van As From Netherlands


Reinier Van As s Mainly welded cages for some animals, such as bird cages, chicken cages, rabbits, hamsters and other iron cages.




Saeed Moghtasedi From Iran


Mr. Moghtasedi has a professional jewelry manufacturer.  he purchased laser welder welding jewelry products in Iran




Paul From Netherlands

Workers of Welding

Paul's company purchased 1.5kw handheld laser welder weld metal windows and door.




Jorge From US


Jorge purchased 400W mold laser welding machine repairing the mold of his business.




Jorge From USA


 two parts chat history with Jorge that know more his laser welder.




Sorn From Romania


He purchased 3 pcs 100W laser cutting machine for deep engraving and cutting gold or precious metal sheet.




Artem Lvanov From Ukraine

Product Engineer

Artem Lvanov's company work for metal industry, they welded different materials by handheld laser welder.




Vasyl From Slovakia


He will purchase 1500W CW laser cleaning machine from us.




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