6 process skills of high-power bright surface cutting technology of laser cutting machine

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6 process skills of high-power bright surface cutting technology of laser cutting machines


In the industry environment where intelligent equipment is gradually replacing labor in the manufacturing and processing industry, the requirement for more refined and high-quality cutting of product production has become the focus of every user partner's most concern and the key to competition. In laser cutting, in addition to laser cutting technology, the cutting process is also of concern to many companies. Today, laser cutting machine experts come to share with you six process skills on high-power bright surface cutting technology.


1. Cutting speed adjustment:
Compared with normal cutting, the cutting speed of high power will be greatly improved, but the appropriate cutting speed is more important, which will directly affect the cutting effect of the product. Too fast cutting speed will result in incomplete burning and incomplete cutting of the workpiece, while too slow speed will lead to excessive burning, so when debugging high-power bright surface cutting, we will pay attention to and measure the standard is whether the section is normal or cut. Try to increase the speed while not being transparent.

2. Nozzle height adjustment:
Bright surface cutting requires relatively high beam propagation, oxygen purity and gas flow direction, and the nozzle height will directly affect the changes in these three points, so we need to properly adjust the nozzle height when cutting with high power. The lower the nozzle height, the closer to the plate surface, the higher the beam propagation quality, the higher the oxygen purity, and the smaller the gas flow direction. Therefore, the lower the nozzle height during the cutting process without affecting the induction, the better.

 3. Cutting air pressure adjustment:
It can be said that chemical reactions account for most of the cutting of carbon steel. In order to balance the higher heat generated by the ignition of C and the chemical reaction of Fe, we must pay attention to the pressure not to be too high when adjusting the pressure of oxygen. Of course, we should also


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