Portable Laser Cleaning Machine- Know about Pulsed Laser Series

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Laser cleaning is an eco-friendly method of cleaning various materials. When traditional cleaning processes are not safe, non-contact and non-abrasive laser cleaning is the right choice. So, laser cleaning machines have gained high popularity in different industrial sectors. You can invest in a portable laser cleaning machine to move it to another place without effort. However, while searching for these cleaning machines, you will find 2 options- Pulsed and continuous wave laser. Understand their differences before buying your laser cleaner.


Why Should You Buy A Portable Laser Cleaning Machine?

Whether you have bought a standard or a portable laser cleaning machine, the working principle is the same. It uses high-energy and high-frequency laser pulses. The coating can easily absorb the laser energy. Thus, it causes an instant peeling or evaporation of the coatings, rust spots, or oil. The laser cleaner is known for removing the surface coating effectively. One big advantage of using a portable laser cleaning machine is that although the size is small, you will find no reduction in the power of removing rust.


Know about the pulse laser cleaner

Some cleaning machines generate pulsed lasers for the desired output. The best portable laser cleaning machine produces pulses at a particular frequency and width. Most commonly, the power range of the machine is 100W to 500W, and it is used mainly when you need non-destructive substrates.

The best pulse laser cleaners accomplish the cleaning process with the adjustment of the scanning range, pulse width, cleaning mode, and frequency. The choice of cleaning parameter makes a difference in the cleaned effect. Pulse laser cleaning is the right choice for mold cleaning, paint cleaning, and other high-value products. The machine cleans the layer or surface of the products. There is no risk of damaging the metal substrate. So, it is the biggest advantage of using pulse laser cleaning machines.

As the pulse laser cleaning machines have different power levels, you can find varying effects of the cleaning processes. Remember that the power size is determined by the scanning lens. Larger lenses lead to the reduced power of the cleaning machine. Thus, you must focus on these features before buying the machine.


Pulse laser cleaner’s application

Pulsed lasers are useful in the medical sector for cleaning steam sterilizers and different medical tools. These cleaning machines are effective in removing contaminants from the sterilizers’ interior surfaces.

A portable laser cleaning machine with a pulse laser generator has applications in the pharmaceutical sector. You can operate this machine to clean mixers, vessels, and conveyors.

With a pulsed laser cleaner, you can clean artworks if they have a layer of soot particles, dust, and air pollutants.



Laser cleaning machines available in the market are equipped with modern technology. If you want to carry them to a different place, a portable laser cleaning machine is the right choice. A high-frequency pulsed laser impacts the object’s surface, while the shock wave results in the burst of the pollutants. 


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