The Ultimate Guide to CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

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Whether you are in the jewelry industry crafting intricate pieces, designing steel structures for construction, or working with a wide range of materials, CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are the tools that can revolutionize your production processes.


In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover the unique features, benefits, and applications of each HS Laser’s Fiber Cutting Machines, showcasing how they can transform your production capabilities. Whether you are seeking precision, high-speed cutting, or the ability to work with various materials, you will find valuable insights to help you make informed decisions for your business.


With that said, let’s look at HS Laser’s most popular CNC fiber laser cutting machines and learn more about them!

Precision CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine / Gold Fiber Laser

The Precision CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Series offers laser power ranging from 1000W to 2000W, tailored for the jewelry industry with a small working area. Specifically, the 1500W nLIGHT fiber laser cutting machine boasts a 600x400mm working area, ideal for cutting 2mm brass material, followed by engraving with a 50W fiber laser marking machine to create a BITcoin. The nLIGHT fiber laser source, originating from the USA, is specialized for cutting aluminum, gold, silver, and brass.


Fiber laser cutting offers precision, high speed, non-contact cutting, minimal maintenance, and scalability for various materials, ensuring improved cutting efficiency. The inclusion of a 120mm thick marble working table enhances cutting accuracy. Moreover, the CypCut Control System supports various techniques and advanced functions, enhancing overall cutting efficiency and precision.

Laser Tube Cutting Machine with HS-CT Series

The HS-CT Series CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines offer precise and repeatable high-quality cuts, high-speed cutting, and minimal maintenance for various materials, including stainless steel, steel, and aluminum pipes. This technology benefits industries such as furniture, fitness equipment, and construction by enhancing cutting speed and precision.


The IPG Laser Source ensures efficiency and reliability, with hot redundancy for uninterrupted operation. The machine's construction process involves thick plate cutting, machining, blasting treatment, and painting. Additionally, the LightCutter 2.0 and Cut Tube Control System improve cutting quality and control.

HS-CG2560 Series CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

HS-CG2560 Series CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines offer cost-effective solutions, gaining popularity in metal manufacturing. Benefits include precise, repeatable cuts, high speed, non-contact cutting, minimal maintenance, and versatility for non-metallic materials. It is scalable from micro-cuts to structural steel shaping, and easily automated for productivity.


IPG fiber lasers stand out with high photoelectric conversion rates, German quality, low failure rates, and excellent after-sale service. The machine structure involves cutting thick plates, welding, machining, and finishing.


Moreover, the ProCutter 2.0 offers high-performance cutting heads, and positive-pressure protection ensures environmental friendliness. These systems find applications in various industries, cutting a range of materials with precision.

Enclosure Type Laser Cutting Machine HS-CG1530 Series

The Enclosure Type HS-CG1530 Series CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machines, ranging from 1000W to 6000W, offer cost-effective solutions for metal manufacturing. Benefits include precise cuts, high-speed operation, non-contact cutting with no quality degradation, low maintenance, and the ability to cut non-metallic materials. The process is scalable, from micro-cutting to shaping structural steel, and can be easily automated.


IPG's 6000W Laser Power series is designed for harsh cutting environments, with high efficiency and reliability. The machine structure involves cutting, welding, machining, and finishing. Moreover, the LightCutter 2.0 is ideal for medium-power laser cutting applications, while the CypCut Control System offers advanced features. The Dual Motors Exchange Working Table System ensures stable and fast operation.


To sum up, HS Laser has many CNC fiber laser cutting machines that make your production process easier and more efficient. Not only that but their laser cutting machines have various models with different capabilities which makes it worthwhile for you to find the perfect machine that matches your requirements.


For more information regarding HS Laser’s CNC fiber laser cutting machines, click here to visit their website!


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