200W Stand Type Micro Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
200W Stand Type Micro Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
200W Stand Type Micro Jewelry Laser Welding Machine
200W Stand Type Micro Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

200W Stand Type Micro Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Built-in water chiller
Strong laser power
Special weld silver
High quality laser beam with spot

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Laser Power:
  • 200 watts
Model Number:
  • HS-IJW200

Product Description

Stand type micro laser welding machine

The integrated water cooler of the jewelry welding machine is larger than the desktop, and the cooling effect is better. When the laser light path system is very well cooled, the efficiency and life of the laser will be better than that of the desktop type.

Control system

The machine control system easy to operate,Current ,Pulse,Frequency and Spot. The control system can save 20 different parameters, it can help weld different material and different thickness to save different parameters.


High-performance stable power supply

The power supply is one of most core part for complete laser welding machine,It occupies 50% of the cost of the whole machine. Therefore, a high-performance and stable power supply can be selected to assemble a high-quality laser jewelry welding machine. Because the power supply size of the integrated desktop jewelry laser welding machine is relatively large, the laser power is also stronger than the desktop power.

High Quality Microscope

HD Microscope providing you watch very clear where do you weld position and weld result.


Emergency button

The yellow plastic cover can help you protect you from accidentally touching the emergency button. The height of the protective cover is higher than the emergency button to prevent someone from accidentally touching it.

Focus Up and Down Table

This is focus up and down working table, it can help you easy to find the focus when you weld precious metal.


External and Built-in CCD Camera system

We provide you two different ways ccd camera system,one for external monitor to connect ccd camera converter, and touch panel is seperate with external monitor. Another one for built-in ccd camera, the touch panel with built-in ccd camera with same LCD screen.

Technical parameters

Technical Parameters

Model number: HS-DJW200

Water cooler capacity: 3 litres

Laser power: 200W

Type of water: Distilled water or pure water

Laser type: YAG technology

Machine color:  White

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Microscope: MOTIC

Laser energy: 100 joules

Radiation protection: Anti-laser acrylic material

Pulse width: 0.1-20ms

Type of gas: Argon gas

 Frequency: 1-50Hz

Air pressure:3 to 5 bar / 0.3 to 0.5 Mpa

Focus distance: 100mm

Power required: AC 220V ±10% 50/60Hz

Spot diameter: 0.3 to 2mm

Total power:3kw

Flash lamp size:8*100*250mm

Warranty period: 12 months

Flash lamp lifespan:3,000,000 times

Machine dimension: 860x500x580mm

Laser bar size:6*130mm

Net Weight: 90kg

Cooling system:  Built-in water cooler

Package dimension:960x530x600mm


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