Cantilever Arm Micro Mold Repairing Laser Welding Machine
Cantilever Arm Micro Mold Repairing Laser Welding Machine
Cantilever Arm Micro Mold Repairing Laser Welding Machine
Cantilever Arm Micro Mold Repairing Laser Welding Machine

Cantilever Arm Micro Mold Repairing Laser Welding Machine

Five Axis repairing mold fill wire feed
Optional laser power 200 watts to 500 watts
High precision high quality weld result
Spot & continuous welding system
MicroWelding system for repairing mold

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Laser Power:
  • 200 watts
  • 300 watts
  • 400 watts
  • 500 watts
Model Number:
  • HS-MOW200
  • HS-MOW300
  • HS-MOW400
  • HS-MOW500

Product Description

Mold Laser Welding Machine for Repairing

Mold laser welding system   Mould machine welding machine is specially adapted to repair all kinds of moulds, such as plastic injection molds, automotive interior plastic molds, mobile phone bottom plate molds, etc., all kinds of molds of different sizes can be repaired. The mold machine welding machine can repair the mold up to 95 to 99% the same as the original one. Whether it is the appearance of the mold or the actual use, it is impeccable, and it can save a lot of costs for new molds.

Mold laser welder advantage

The laser mold repair welding machine can quickly and accurately repair the pores, slag holes, and shrinkage holes formed during the casting process.   Suitable materials for laser repair include ductile iron, gray iron, stainless steel, etc.   - Small thermal deformation and heat-affected zone (suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness, unique materials) - Partial heat treatment can be performed on ordinary parts, parts with complex shapes or small. It can also be performed in a vacuum environment - No preheat treatment is required, and the workpiece will not be annealed after welding - No deformation of sags, no pores and trachoma - It can be used to repair cracks, chippings, edges and corners, sand holes and mold wear after use - The same hardness can be achieved after repairing with the same material as the base material - The toughness of the cold die and the cutting edge of the tool can also be welded, eliminating the cumbersome preheating and heat preservation processes of ordinary.


Easy to set up parameter of control system

Easy to learn how to set up parameter of mold laser welder control system. Current. Pulse , Frequency and Spot. The Current. Pulse and Frequency parameters complement each other, but when the Current parameter is adjusted to a high value, the Pulse and Frequency value cannot be increased accordingly. On the contrary, when the other parameters are high, Current needs to be decreased accordingly.

High quality microscope

HD Microscope providing you watch very clear where do you weld position and weld result.


Weld head

Mold laser welding machine weld head focus distance F = 100mm , the weld head angle can adjust according to exact weld angle.

Working table and CCD camera standard configuration

Diameter 80mm rotary device with CCD camera is standard configuration for laser welding machine. If need rotary device diameter over more 80mm that need to customized.


CCD Camera system

CCD camera can help you easy to view weld result and adjust exact weld position.

Technical parameters

Technical Parameters

Model number: HS-MOW200 HS-MOW300

                           HS-MOW400 HS-HS-MOW500

Water cooler capacity: 10 litres /16 litres /20 litres

Laser power: 200W 300W 400W 500W 

Type of water: Distilled water or pure water

Laser type: YAG technology

Machine color: Gray with white

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Microscope: MOTIC

Laser energy: 100 joules 120 joules 130 joules 140 joules

Radiation protection: Anti-laser acrylic material

Pulse width: 0.1-20ms

Type of gas: Argon gas

 Frequency: 1-50Hz

Air pressure:3 to 5 bar / 0.3 to 0.5 Mpa

Focus distance: 100mm

Power required: 200W  AC 220V ±10% 50/60Hz 1 Pha

300W 400W 500W  AC 380V±10% 50/60Hz  3Pha.

Spot diameter: 0.3 to 2mm

Total power:6kw / 9kw /12 kw /15kw

Flash lamp size:8*100*250mm /8*125*270mm/8*170*315-5

Warranty period: 12 months

Flash lamp lifespan:3,000,000 times

Machine dimension: 1480x780x1180mm

Laser bar size:6*130mm/7*145mm /8*185mm

Net Weight: 380KG

Cooling system:  Water cooler

Package dimension:1500x800x1200mm

Water chiller:1000x700x800mm

Working table size

X axis:300mm

Y axis:200mm 

Consumable part

Flash lamp 

protection lens

Laser bar

CCD camera:HD with colorful 

Optional part

Rotary device 100mm 120mm 

Fume extractor 


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