Fiber Laser Cutting Machine HS-CG2560 Series
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine HS-CG2560 Series
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine HS-CG2560 Series
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine HS-CG2560 Series
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine HS-CG2560 Series
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine HS-CG2560 Series

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine HS-CG2560 Series

Quite fast cutting speed
2500x6000mm exchange working table
Intelligent nesting software
Laser power up to 30000W
IPG nLIGHT fiber laser source

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Laser Power:
  • 6000W
  • 8000W
  • 12000W
  • 15000W
  • 20000W
  • 30000W
Model Number:
  • HS-CG2040 Pro
  • HS-CG2060 Pro
  • HS-CG2560 Pro
  • HS-CG2580 Pro
  • HS-CG25120 Pro

Product Description

High Performance High Laser Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The high-precision, high-speed and quality of laser cutting has made it the technology of choice for advanced manufacturing across countless industries.

With HS LASER  fiber lasers, laser cutting has become a reliable and highly cost effective solution, resulting in increased adoption throughout the metal manufacturing world.

Benefits of fiber laser cutting include

Precise and repeatable high-quality cuts
High-speed cutting
Non-contact cutting – no degradation in cut quality
Minimal maintenance – high tool availability
Variety of lasers to cut non-metallic materials
Scalable process from micro cutting stents up to shaping structural steel
Easily automated for maximum productivity
Improve your cutting speed and precision - contact a local IPG laser cutting engineer to learn how.



IPG fiber laser source advantage

1)High photoelectric conversion rate Can reach 45%, Raycus or Maxphotonics are only about 25% IPG can help users lower down production cost, improve production efficiency ,

   in the long run, users can gain more profit .


2)German brand ,good quality,laser power weakened slower than other brand.Users can use IPG laser source machine for 4-5 years longer time than other brand laser source,

   so higher vaule will be created by IPG.


3)High market share, a certain degree of reaction to brand strength and quality Overseas big machine suppliers, such as Bystronic,LVD .etc, also are using IPG laser source.


4)Low failure rate, only 3%, such low failure rate can make sure that your production can not be affected very much .


5)Light power can be seen in real time


6) IPG has been in laser industry for very long time, it has very good after-sale service support all over the world, problems can be resolved in time

About the machine structure process

15-18mm thick plates cutting Welding (Heat Process) High Temperature failure Release the pressure of internal under over environment.


Rough Manching Removing the welding slag, milling out the shape of machine bed, making the processing surface for finish machining


Finish machining 9 meters milling machine, ensure the referencefor installation of rails, racks etc., positioning holes, installation holes etc.


Detecting the maching accuracy, parallelism, straightness etc., by adding meters on the milling machine Blasting treatment Removing the oxide layer/rust etc.

on the machine bed& Paint spaying Adding serial numbers,each machine bed has its own serial  


There are some casting iron bed in the market, under such condition of laser cutting machine market nowaday, this is just a marketing method finding difference.

If cast iron bed is better, why Trumpf, Amada, Bystronics etc. still insists on plate welding bed.

Precitect Auto-Focus Cutting Head with ProCutter 2.0

The powerful ProCutter 2.0 can be operated with up to 30 kW laser power and offers its usual extensive functionality and flexibility. It ensures high dynamics with thin material thicknesses and best quality with thick materials. Especially for flatbed, tube cutting, and laser blanking systems, the potential of the cutting head is optimally converted into productivity. .

Positive-pressure Protection

Positive pressure protection, no pollution, patented ventilation system, zoned hurricane ventilation
Positive wind pressure, upper pressure and lower suction, powerful ventilation system, environmental protection and pollution-free;
The ventilation system is partitioned on the left and right, the butterfly valve is controlled, the suction is concentrated, and the large-diameter exhaust pipes on both sides ensure smooth smoke exhaust;
The patented butterfly valve air door has good sealing performance, no noise when opening and closing, and is more environmentally friendly.

Laser Cutting System Application 

HS-CG2560 Pro /HS-CG2580 Pro / HS-CG25120 Pro are widely used in sheet metal processing, guardrail processing, chassis cabinets, electronic equipment, auto parts, machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery, hardware products, kitchenware, doors and windows, lamps, handicrafts, displays Equipment, fitness equipment, elevator industry, aviation industry, ships and other industries. Used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials, the cutting thickness can reach 70MM, galvanized sheet, electrolytic sheet, aluminum alloy, brass and copper and other metal materials, so that your laser processing "thick" hair.

Dual Motors Exchange Working Table System 

The working table is driven by dual motors, and the exchange is stable and fast; the independent movement of the two tables is unrelated, the accuracy does not affect each other, and the slag removal is more convenient;
With the positioning of the double taper pin, it can be achieved in one step without any difference..

Technical Parameters

Model  HS-CG2040 Pro HS-CG2060 Pro HS-CG2560 Pro HS-CG2580 Pro HS-CG25120 Pro
Working Area 2000*4000 mm 2000*6000 mm 2500*6000 mm 2500*8000 mm 2500*12000 mm
Laser power 4000W - 30000W
Acceleration 2.8 G
Linkage Speed 200 m/min
Positional Accuracy ±0.03 mm 
Re-positional Accuracy ±0.02 mm 
Pallet Exchange Time 20 s 30 s 30 s 40 s 45 s
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3Phase


Cut Sample


Video Shown

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