Mixed Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
Mixed Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
Mixed Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
Mixed Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine
Mixed Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

Mixed Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

Customized Co2 Laser Engraving Working Area
Easy to operate
Engraving Various Materials
CO2 Mixed Engraving and Cutting
300W Mixed Co2 cut Metal

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Laser Power:
  • 100W
  • 130W
  • 150W
  • 180W
  • 300W
Model Number:
  • HS-CO100
  • HS-CO130
  • HS-CO150
  • HS-CO180
  • HS-CO300

Product Description

What is application can do by Co2 laser engraving cutting machine

-Cut stainless steel and carbon steel
-Award Engraving
-Wood Engraving and Cutting
-Glass Engraving and Etching
-Acrylic Cutting and Engraving
-Leather Cutting and Engraving
-Signage Cutting and Engraving

How does a Co2 Laser Work

Let's dig into the nitty-gritty. There is a lot of magic (and science!) involved in this tool that will give your business the
capability to transform any object into a prized possession.
In a Co2 laser cutter, light is produced when electricity runs through a gas-filled tube with mirrors at both ends. 
One mirror is fully reflective while the other one lets some light come through. These mirrors guide the laser beam 
into the material that is to be cut. The gas is typically a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium.
Any light produced by Co2 lasers is extremely powerful compared to normal light. This is because of the
 mirrors that bookend the tube of gases. These mirrors reflect most of the light traveling through the tube and 
cause the light waves to build in intensity. The light only passes through the partially reflective mirror when it
 becomes bright enough. Since the light from a laser is infrared, it is invisible to the human eye. It also has a 
very long wavelength. It can cut a variety of materials, including cloth, wood, metal, glass, and paper. The intense 
heat from this light vaporizes the material that is going to be cut, leaving an accurate, smooth finish.
Depending on the look you are going for on your material and what material you are cutting or engraving, 
the speed and power settings can be decreased and increased. Testing your material beforehand is a
 good practice and will get you closer to perfect results, every time.


Glass Laser Tube

Adopting our own patented technology to modify the beam size and beam quality with a physical approach, which solves the beam distortion, increased the output power. Inner lens upgraded. All inner lens and mirror are imported and customized by the U.S.II-VI Infrared. Yongli adopts new catalytic technology to enhance the coating firmness of discharge tube and catalytic consumption. The As laser tubes are more stable on longtime and continue laser working and lifespan is longer. A6s and A8s are capable of cutting thin metal and thick non-metal materials with a better cutting performance.

Control System with Ruida

RuiDa control system with RDC6445
Technical Parameters:
1. 4-way motor interface, output maximum 400KHZ frequency; drive capacity 20mA, common anode interface;
2. On-board 128M non-releasable memory;
3. USB maximum transfer rate is 12M, the longest distance is 5 meters;
4. The maximum transmission rate of the network cable is 100M, and the maximum transmission distance is 200M;
5. Linear / circular / B-spline interpolation accuracy +/- 0.5 pulse;
6. 4 general-purpose opto-isolated OC gate outputs, with a maximum driving capacity of 300mA (with freewheel protection), can
directly drive 24V / 5V DC relays
7. 4 universal photoelectric isolation inputs, compatible with 5V / 12V / 24V logic level;
Function description:
1. Support up to 4 servo / stepper motor control;
2. Supports one extended serial port, which can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R, BWK301R), and other
devices with RS232 standard interface;
3. Support 4 OC gate outputs, can directly drive 5V / 24 relay;
4. Support mobile APP;
5. Support dual-head electric mutual shift control and super-format split cutting processing;
6. Support dual-head asynchronous processing;
7. Support large format vision, mark point visual cutting and projection cutting and other processing methods.


Knife Plate Working Table

Knife plate working table main engraving wood ,hard paper,acrylic,glass plastic and plywood.Knife plate working table is standard configuration.

Honeycomb Working Table 

Honeycomb Working Table main engraving software materials, like leather,cloth,paper,jeans.Honeycomb working table is option part.


Technical parameters

Technical Parameters

Model number:  HS-CO100  HS-CO130  /  HS-CO150

                                HS-CO180 /  HS-CO300

Control system:Ruida

Laser power: 100W 130W 150W 180W 300W

Working voltage:AC 110 - 220V±10%, 50 - 60Hz or depend on customer

Working area:  1300x900mm (51.1" x 35.4")

                           1400x900mm(55.1" x 3.4")

                           1600x1000mm (63" x 39.3")

                           1300x2500mm(51.1" x 98.4")

Operating temperature:0-45 degree

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Operating humidity:5-95%

Resetting Positioning Accuracy: 0.02mm

Radiation protection: Anti-laser acrylic material

Driver Motor:Leadshine Driving System And Stepper Motor

Compatible Software:Laser work CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop

 Laser type: Glass laser tube

Guarantee time:1 year, laser tube 10 months


Operation: Send manual video and user manual 

Resolution ratio:≤0.0125mm



CO2 hybrid mix laser cutting machine working capacity:
Material                        Cut    Material                             Cut
Wood  Pressboard 
Acrylic  Rubber 
Fabric Wood Veneer
Glass   Fiberglass
Coated Metals Painted Metals
Ceramic   Tile  
Delrin Plastic
Cloth Cork
Leather  Corian
Marble    Stainless steel 
Matte Board Carbon Steel
Melamine Galvanized Steel
Paper Titanium
Mylar Aluminum  
150w-300w mainly cut and engrave lines      
Do you have a materials you would like us to test ?      



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