Picosecond Laser Glass Cutting Machine
Picosecond Laser Glass Cutting Machine
Picosecond Laser Glass Cutting Machine

Picosecond Laser Glass Cutting Machine

Picosecond laser glass cutting is efficient and environmentally friendly
Achieve mass production
Wide range of application industries
Glass can be cut into any shape you want according to your needs
Glass cutting thickness 1 to 25mm

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Laser Power:
  • 30W
  • 50W
  • 60W
  • 75W
  • 80W
Model Number:
  • HS-Pi30
  • HS-Pi50
  • HS-Pi60
  • HS-Pi75
  • HS-Pi80

Product Description

Glass Laser Cutting Machine

Picosecond laser cutting machine is a high-performance, high-efficiency, high-quality laser cutting machine, mainly cutting glass materials, such as blue glass, white glass, ultra-clear glass, etc.
With the development of various industries, there are more and more glass applications,

Picosecond laser glass cutting machine is a high-efficiency, automatic glass cutting machine, using picosecond laser source and RF CO2 laser source to cooperate with glass cutting technology.The glass cutting industry is widely used, for example, glasses manufacturers, lens manufacturing, camera industry, optical lens production, medical industry, lens production in atomized instruments, smart wearable watch industry, watch glass dial production, automotive industry, automotive rear view mirror glass cutting, cosmetic industry, cosmetic lens cutting


Why need to use a different laser source for cutting glass?

Picosecond laser source for cutting different shape and pre-cut, cut more thickness picosecond laser can not cut out glass once a time, therefore must use RF co2 laser to cut out of the galss

well, The RF co2 laser source power have to 100W or 150W is better for cut out the glass.

The standard workbench format of our machine is 600*700mm, with double-station cutting workbench, we also can support customization

But this means more manufacturing costs and longer lead times,sometimes our customers required 1000x2500mm,1500x3000mm,and so on. 

Glass laser cutting machine programming

Picosecond laser source for cutting machine only support English and Chinese, you can prhramming any cutting shape what do you want.

Glass laser cutting machine is not only a cutting machine but also a precision glass drilling,punching machine.




Technical parameters

Technical Parameters

Model number: HS-Pi30 / HS-Pi50 /HS-Pi60 /HS-Pi75 / HS-Pi80

Power supply:Single-phase 220V±10%, 50/60Hz AC

Laser power:30W 50W 60W 75W 80W

Whole machine power consumption:

Laser type: Picosecond laser and RF co2 laser

Working environment humidity:20-26°C

Laser wavelength: 1064±5nm

Control system:HS LASER (customized )
Support English operation system

Working area: Standard 600x700mm double working table

CNC machine bed:Plate sheet welding 

Repetition Rate:Single Shot to 8 MHz

Working desk:Marble countertop

 Spatial Mode: M^2 < 1.3

Pulse Width Measured at 1064nm: 10 picoseconds

Pointing Stability Over Constant Temperature +/2 °C: < 50 μrad / °C

Machine weight:>5ton

Picosend cutting speed:500mm/s

Laser cutting head:Bessel  



Glass Cutting Samples



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