A letter to customers pursuing low prices

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A letter to customers pursuing low prices

With the rapid development of the laser industry, more and more Chinese suppliers only sell laser equipment to customers, using all low-cost means to sell, even if they do not have any benefits, they have to sell, because some of their provincial capitals have local governments. Subsidies, the government only depends on whether the company's annual sales meets the standard or not and gives some corresponding subsidies.

Regardless of any company or company, it must have certain benefits to ensure product quality and after-sales service. If it is only the premise of pursuing price, and ignoring the actual value of the product itself. How can this provide you with a good and complete after-sales service? service.

In order to earn tax rebates, some companies are willing to sacrifice even if the cost is sold. Once any mechanical equipment fails, the company will give up to the customer. It is not that he is unwilling to carry out after-sales, but once the equipment parts are damaged and after-sales costs increase, the company will have no sales profit.

For the reasonableness and fairness of prices for customers, you can refer to the market's unified quotation and then compare them. When the price of a certain company is much lower than the market price, then you must consider this issue.

North China companies are mainly concentrated in Jinan, Shandong. Their sales model is mainly to attract customers at low prices. Of course, there are some better laser companies in Jinan, Shandong.

The Chinese are not good at making high-quality products, nor are they unable to produce them. It is just that foreign customers feel that the prices are high when they are produced. In their subconsciousness, the things produced in China should be cheap.

In this regard, I also want to tell customers all over the world that China is not the previous China. China’s rapid development, technological innovation, military, and aviation are all leading the world.

Development is healthy and stable only if everyone can get the corresponding profit from each other.

Pay tribute to the manufacturing industry, pay tribute to customers, pay tribute to a better future HS LASER.


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