Advantage of Fiber Handheld Laser Welding Machine

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 Advantages of laser hand-held welding machine
  • No welding experience required, anyone can use it quickly
  • Reduce welding labor costs
  • Maintenance-free, low cost of wearing parts, long life of laser welding machine, if calculated according to 12 hours of work per day, the machine can be used for 8 to 10 years.
  • Perfect welding effect without grinding and polishing
   Traditional Welding Methods   Laser Welding
 Speed   Average  Up to 4X Faster than TIG
 Quality  Depends on user experience
 Consistent high-quality results
Anyone can use laser weld within 2 hours 
 Learning Curve  Steep 
 Everyone learn it within 2 to3 hours,no matter 
have welding experience
 Material Flexibility
 Limited with consumables changes
 Wide range with no set up
 Distortion & Deformation  High  Quit low
 Heat Affected Zone  Large  Small
 Wobble Welding  without   Yes - up to 5 mm additional weld width
 TIG welding may generate extreme heat that 
deforms thin materials,produces poor visual
finishes,is difficult when welding copper 
and limited welding metals of dissimilar 
MIG welding requires consumable wire, 
material pre-cleaning and beveled joints for
thick metals for full penetration.  Travel and
work angles arelimited and vertical positions
are extremely challenging.
Laser welding enables dramatically faster 
welding, is easier to learn and operate, 
and provides higher-quality, consistent
results across a wider range of materials
and thicknesses
than MIG or TIG with minimal distortion, 
deformation,undercut or burn-through.

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