Advantage of Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

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Advantage of pulse laser cleaning machine 

Laser power (100W 200W 300W 500W and 1000W )
Application industrial 
Industrial Paint Removal
Aircraft,Marine, Ship, Car fender

Automotive Industry

Engine, Gear box ,Car Wheels 

Heavy Rust off 

Machinery Industry, Automobile Industry, 

Manufacturing industry, Hardware Industry

Bearing Oil stains, Residues, Rus

Plastic Injection Molds
Oil Stains Removal 
Rust Off removal  
Automotive Industry 
Aluminum Paint Removal 
Aluminum Coating Removal 
The pulse laser cleaning machine completes the entire cleaning process by adjusting the pulse width, frequency, scanning
range and cleaning mode.Different cleaning parameter can up to different cleaned effect, For high-value products paint cleaning,
mold cleaning, pulse laser cleaning is a very good choice, first of all, pulse cleaning machine, cleaning the product surface or layer
cleaning will not damage the metal substrate. The metal substrate material will not be deformed.Here is a pulse laser cleaning
machine working principle.
Different pulse laser power that cleaning effect is big different,why high power is big different between with low power.
*Single pulse energy, 200W Raycus pulse laser cleaning machine with water cooling system that  single energy is 10mJ
   and 500W single pulse energy is 25mJ,
*Different scanning lens determine the size of the power. If machines with the same power use different scanning lens,
  the large lens ranges power lower than small size scanning lens. This is because the lens enlarge that the laser machine 
  power reduce. 
CW laser cleaning machine 
Laser power (1000W 1500W 2000W)
If only rust removal with low value of your products, that CW  laser cleaning machine is economic and reasonable pricing 
for the market of the world.CW laser cleaning machine advantage is rust removal with quite faster than pulse laser,
but cw laser clean can not do paint, oil aluminum paint and coating as well. the cw laser clean system paint 
removal , substrate meterial will be damaged, this is because continuous wavelength laser beam continuous cleaning 
material surface that high temperature burned or deformed on substrate metal materials.
Comparison of 200W Pulse Cleaner and 1500W Pulse Cleaner for Industry Paint Removal.
 200W pulse laser cleaning machine paint removal 
1500W CW laser cleaning machine paint removal 
cleaning effect
 Material: Aluminum Alloy with white paint
Test Laser Cleaning Machine Mode: CW Laser Cleaning 
Material: Aluminum Alloy with white paint
Test Laser Cleaning Machine Mode: Pulse Laser Cleaning 

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