Automatic Fiber Laser Welding System Weld Battery Pack

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Automatic Fiber Laser Welding System Weld Battery Pack

With the rapid development of today's society, electric vehicles have become the mainstream cars of choice in today's society.
The battery has become one of the essential core components of electric vehicles.


As the battery assembly is composed of aluminum parts, as we all know, aluminum is a high-reflective material. Therefore, when we choose lasers,

we recommend that customers use German imported IPG lasers or American brand nLIGHT. They have high anti-reflective properties for welding high-profile materials.

The device is inside the laser source.

Ternary lithium batteries, blade batteries, etc. have become the preferred battery supplier for more and more electric vehicle manufacturers.

A single battery needs to be connected with other batteries to form a whole battery pack. Because the aluminum material has high temperature resistance and strong

conductivity, the bridge connecting the single battery is made of aluminum.

Normally, we recommend customers to use 1500W IPG automatic laser welding machine or 2000W IPG laser welding machine for welding battery packs or battery packs.

IPG is a German-made laser with high anti-reflection function and better laser stability. If compared to the Chinese brand Raycus Of course, the Raycus laser can also complete this

welding process, but the Raycus laser power attenuation is relatively serious. If used for 3 to 5 years, the power attenuation basically reaches 10% to 15%, while the IPG laser power

attenuation is 3% to 5%.


The battery application industry is very extensive, such as lithium battery for board, Photovoltaic lithium batteries, lithium batteries for electronic devices ,lithium batteries for 

industrial vehicles and lithium batteries for electric car .


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