How to fill up water to 200w jewelry laser welding machines

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How to fill up water to 200w jewelry laser welding machine

Step 1 Open the wooden box and find the plastic accessory bag;


Step 2 Find the black color water outlet plug from the plastic accessory bag;


Step 3 Plug the black tool into the “Water Out” tube;


Step 4 Connect the power supply;

( Above is how the wire connected with the power supply.Brown is live wire, blue is neutral wire, and yellow is ground wire);  


Step 5 Prepare 3L or 4L water for the machine ( Purified water or distilled water );

   First of all, find the water plastic tube, put one side into the “Water In” tube, and the other side into the water tank. 



Next, turn on the power supply.



Then, press the green button on the front side of our machine.  



The water sucks automatically until machine water tank is full. Finally, turn off green color button.

Why choose purified water or distilled water?

It is not recommended to use tap water. There are many impurities in the tap water, which can easily cause blockage of the circulating waterway. The use of purified water or distilled water can effectively inhibit the generation of scale.


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