How to choose the right laser cleaning machine

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How to choose the right Laser cleaning machine for your business


There are currently two types of laser cleaners in the market in the world. No matter you purchase it from China or other countries.

  • One is CW fiber laser cleaning machine

  • Second one is Pulse laser cleaning machine 

CW fiber laser cleaning machine use handheld clean head with continuous laser source. 

The advantage of CW cleaning machine is that the clean speed is fast and the clean head is light. High cost performance。

If you have low requirements for laser cleaning and only remove rust or thin paint of stainless steel , mild steel and iron, CW laser cleaning machine can meet the requirements.

CW laser cleaning machine power support 1000W 1500W 2000W , the laser source you can choose Raycus, Max JPT and IPG brand.

Pulse laser cleaning machine with pulse laser sourcce and galvo clean head.

If you have high-value products need clean that must be use pulsed laser cleaning machine system.

What the pulsed laser cleaning machine can do?

Laser Cleaning Applications:


High Power Laser Surface Cleaning

High Power Laser Surface Treatment Induced Surface Improvement

Uniform Surface with Low HAZ

High Power Laser Paint Removal

Subtractive Surface Treatment

Surface Texturing

Cosmetic Surface Conditioning (Replaces Bead Blasting)

Tire Mold Cleaning

Mold Cleaning

Selective Paint Removal

Metal Parts Cleaning

Anodizing Removal 3D Surface Cleaning and Conditioning

Laser Cleaning

“On-The-Fly” Laser Cleaning

Laser Ablation (Anodized, Painted or Coated)

Laser Paint Stripping and Removal

Laser Rust and Corrosion Removal

Laser Degreasing

The following is CW laser cleaning result VS Pulse laser cleaning result.

CW laser cleaning machine cleaned rust 

Pulse laser cleaning machine cleaned rust 

Ship part steel paint removal by CW laser cleaning 

With 1500W Raycus brand CW laser cleaning machine

Ship part steel paint removal by pulse laser cleaning 

With 200W pulse laser cleaning machine

Car wheel aluminum paint removal with two different

laser cleaning machine paint removal

Heavy rust removal by 300W pulse laser cleaning machine


CW Laser Cleaning VS Pulsed Laser Cleaning Aluminum Paint of Car Wheel 



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