How to Properly Purchase 100W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine from Right Manufacturer 

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How to Properly Purchase 100W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine from Right Manufacturer 


When you purchase a laser cleaning machine, if you are a new buyer on laser industry , it is easy to be misled by the low

price in the market from China personal SOHO or Aliexpress and Ebay shops. 

First of all, you have to understand, you have to know exactly what to do when purchasing a laser cleaning machine.

For example, metal surface rust removal, aluminum oxide removal coating,powder coating removal ,aluminum

paint removal or oil stains removal and so on. There are two types of laser cleaning machines in the Chinese market,

one is CW laser cleaning machine , and one is pulse laser cleaning machine. 

What is difference between CW laser cleaner and pulse laser cleaner ?

CW laser cleaning machine only can clean rust removal on metal, this is because CW laser cleaning system use the

Continuous Wavelength that laser beam will be made highly temperature on metal that the material easy to burned

or deformed. It can not clean paint, oil stains ,powder coating paint,and so on.  The CW laser cleaning machine laser

power is 1000W 1500W and 2000W,Pulse laser cleaning machine is real laser cleaning system for cleaning molds

industry, automotive industry (main paint removal or engine, gearbox,and) and so on.

Pulse laser cleaning machine laser power from 50W 100W 200W 300W 500W and 1000W, according to our sold

out experience that 100W 200W 300W is very popular and price is accepted by the market!

The pulse laser cleaning system use Pulse laser source which is can adjust pulse width, frequency, power rate, scan

width for the complete system.

Let's turn our attention back to the topic of how to How to Properly Purchase 100W Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

from Right Manufacturer,now we can use keywords 100W pulse laser cleaning machine on Google, the following

you can find a few suppliers on Googles.

Search results from independent websites, B2B websites, B2C websites. If you purchase any equipments and products

related to machinery and equipment, We do not recommend sourcing from B2C sites, such as Ebay shop, aliexpress

shop,and Amazone shop. This is because B2C shops who anyone can open it on it. No need company registration

information and company brand that can do,This means that your equipment and machinery will not get any quality

assurance. If you need after-sales service that you can not find people to hlep you, usually B2C store products

are purchased with daily necessities, electronic products and consumer goods. There is no problem at all, because

the amount is small and the demand is small. Not too big.

Finally, to sum up, the price of 100W pulse laser cleaning machine is not lower than 11,000 US dollars, if it is lower than 11,000

US dollars, it must be CW laser cleaning machine.






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