Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Laser power 20W 30W
Working area 110*110mm / 200*200mm / 300*300mm
Only 12kg

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Laser Power:
  • 20W
  • 30W
Model Number:
  • HS-F20
  • HS-F30

Product Description

Fiber Laser Engrave Machine System

Fiber Laser Engraver | Fiber Laser Engraving Machine
Fiber laser engravers are also known as fiber laser engraving machine or fiber laser marking machine. You can use these tools for all kinds of metal parts, but you can make permanent marks and engravings on some plastics, as well. However, the most common uses are high speed laser etching stainless steel, aluminum, iron marking, etc. It is important to note that Fiber Laser Marking machines are different from laser cutter machines.
More our customers use fiber laser engrave machine for cut gold silver sheet to make jewelry product.
It's very popular in jewelry industry and deepth engrave perfect result on precious metal.

HS LASER offers many types of high quality metal laser engravers series for sale. The main features of our machines are no maintenance, no consumables, stability, and long working life(100,000 hours).

Fiber Laser Engrave Machine Engrave animal tags

What kind of animal tag can do by laser engraver, like dog tags,cow lable,sheep lable and all animials tags can do.


All Metal Deep Engrave and Marking on Surface

The fiber engrave machine deep engrave 0.2 to 1mm at any metal,like stainless steel, brass, carbon steel,iron.

50W 70W 100W Cut Brass Gold with Max.1.5mm

More and more customers use 50W 70W 100W cut gold sheet to make jewelry by laser engrave machine. Also it can engrave gold platinum ring bracelt.

The cut size most smaller 110*110mm.


Phone Charger Engrave

The laser engrave machine engrave some words on ABS material, like phone charger, electric button with ABS material.

Laser Engrave System with Rotary device Engraving Wedding Ring

The rotary device come with 80mm diameter,so it can meet all quired for ring and bracelet.


Technical parameters

Technical Parameters

Model number: HS-F20 / HS-F30 /


Red pointer: Yes

Laser power: 20W 30W

2D working table: option part

Laser type: Fiber laser 

Rotary device: 80mm diameter option part

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Fume extractor:option part

Laser source brand: HS LASER

Control system: HSLASER 

Marking Speed: 7000 mm/s

Computer: Laptop come with the machine

 Working area: 110*110 mm / 200*200 mm

                          300*300 mm

Machine dimension:780*730*760mm

Focus distance: 160 mm / 290 mm / 420 mm


Glavo head: Customized 

Packing dimension:810*750*780 mm

Software: HS LASER

Footswitch: Yes


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