Precision Laser Cutting Machine / Gold Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Precision Laser Cutting Machine / Gold Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Precision Laser Cutting Machine / Gold Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Precision Laser Cutting Machine / Gold Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Precision Laser Cutting Machine / Gold Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Precision Laser Cutting Machine / Gold Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Precision Laser Cutting Machine / Gold Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Special cut for gold brass aluminum
Maximum laser power 2000W
Smallest working area 400x200mm

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Laser Power:
  • 1000W
  • 1500W
  • 2000W
Model Number:
  • HS-CP2040
  • HS-CP6040
  • HS-CP6060
  • HS-CP1390

Product Description

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine System with CP series

CP series laser cutting machine support laser power 1000W to 2000W, this is special for jewelry industry laser cutting machine with small working arae.

This is 1500W nLIGHT fiber laser cutting machine with 600x400mm working area to cut 2mm brass material, after make a BITcoin by 50W fiber laser marking machine. nLIGHT fiber laser source come from USA, It's special for cut aluminum ,gold ,silver and brass material. All we know, aluminum,gold silver and brass material are all highly reflective material, Ordinary laser cutting high-reflective materials can easily cause laser burnout. The reason is that ordinary lasers do not have anti-high-reflective material devices. When ordinary lasers cut high-reflective materials, the high-reflective material reflects laser energy to the core of the laser through the high-reflective material itself. Parts, causing the laser to burn out easily. This is why we would recommend the US. brand nLIGHT or the German brand IPG laser source, because imported lasers have anti-reflection material technology. If you always cut gold brass and aluminum, we have to recommend nLIGHT brand laser source for you. It improve the cutting

Benefits of fiber laser cutting include

Precise and repeatable high-quality cuts
High-speed cutting
Non-contact cutting – no degradation in cut quality
Minimal maintenance – high tool availability
Variety of lasers to cut non-metallic materials
Scalable process from micro cutting stents up to shaping structural steel
Easily automated for maximum productivity
Improve your cutting speed and precision - contact a local IPG laser cutting engineer to learn how.



nLIGHT brand laser source

At nLIGHT, we verified our back-reflection solution with real-world application testing over thousands of operations with the same conditions our customers run our lasers everyday.

120mm thickness marble working table 

Due to  precision laser cutting machines require very high cutting accuracy, the actual cutting accuracy of industrial laser cutting machines is 0.02mm to 0.05mm, while the progress of precision laser cutting machines needs to reach 0.01mm. In order to achieve very high progress, we use 120mm marble work The table ensures the stability of the precision cutting machine and the cutting progress. The 120mm thickness of the marble is purchased according to the size of the corresponding size.

RayTools Auto-Focus cutting head

BM110 series is an automatic focusing fiber cutting head launched by Swiss RAYTOOLS AG in 2019. The product has a built-in motor drive unit. The focus lens is driven by a linear mechanism to automatically change the position within 24mm. The user can set the continuous focus through the program to complete the rapid perforation of thick plates and automatically cut plates of different thicknesses and materials. The product is equipped with a D30 compound lens group to integrate the beam, and optimizes the optical and water-cooled design so that the laser head can work continuously and stably for a long time under high power.

CypCut Control System

Support up to 5-stage piercing technique, segment and stepping piercing patterns. Support the communication with mainstream laser brands on the market. Support basic technique of Fly cut, frog-leap lifting, kerf width compensation, lead line, micro-joint, pre-piercing, film cutting etc. Support advanced functions of find workpiece edge, auto focus control, dual shuttle, break point locate, QR code generation, remnant split, round tube cutting etc. Provide fine cutting technique, smooth start and end in the toolpath cutting. Support intelligent barrier avoidance, laser head frog-leap lifting in production. Support scan QR import drawing, task scheduling, and multi-area production etc。

Technical Parameters

Model  HS-CP4020 HS-CP6040 HS-CP6060 HS-CP1390
Working Area 400*200mm 600*400mm 600*600mm 1300*900mm
Laser power 1000W - 2000W
Acceleration 2.0 G
Linkage Speed 140 m/min
Positional Accuracy ±0.02 mm 
Re-positional Accuracy ±0.01mm 
Voltage 380V/50Hz/3Phase


Cut Sample


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